About Us

Carpets and More Flooring Store 1201 Hume Way in Vacaville, CA  We  are so glad you decided to visit our website!  At Carpets & More, we believe in   providing the best customer services, best flooring value and a pleasurable buying   experience.  We are local, family guys that believe in giving back to the  community.  We also take care of our customers because we are local and rely on  the local economy and because of that, we have established a great reputation,  which we are proud of.

 We believe that buying carpeting or flooring is more than just picking out a few  products.  We believe that you deserve the best advice, guidance and design  services available so you will have pride of ownership for years to come.

Flooring is our primary business….it is not a side business like the big national retail chain stores like Lowe’s® or Home Depot®.  Most of our competitors only try to compete on price.  We think that is the wrong approach.  

We believe that offering superior value is the most important thing to our customers.  The value you receive by doing business with us includes the professional staff that will work with you step by step through the entire process.  

We believe that total value includes having the latest and most accurate information available on brands, materials, cleaners and every aspect of life of your home and floors.  We also believe that hiring the right types of people who care about our customers and will go the extra mile to make sure you are delighted with your new floors!

We welcome you to come by our Flooring Showroom and Design Center to experience the difference!  

Thanks for considering us for you next flooring project.


Mike Alexander

Tung Chau